<![CDATA[JO.BLOG - Blog]]>Thu, 04 Feb 2016 22:03:42 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Teadora//scrub review]]>Fri, 09 Oct 2015 04:37:41 GMThttp://jordynnnoakland.weebly.com/blog/teadorascrub-reviewBased out of my hometown, Bellevue, Teadora Brazilian rainforest scrub treatments are all 100% vegan and all natural. The products work towards eliminating dead skin, minimize hair growth and reveal smoother and brighter skin. I have had the pleasure of trying out Teadora's Illuminance dualfunction salt scrub along with their travel size shampoo/conditioner/body oil trio. I absolutely loved these products and better yet the reason behind creating Teadora products. 

"We use no parabens, synthetic fragrances, silicone, gluten, phthalate, sulfates or other harsh chemicals to make you feel good inside and out." Teadora 
Valeria Cole, owner and creator of Teadora, created the products based on her own experience with all-natural hair and skincare remedies that her mother used. Their website also explains that Valeria learned the importance of social responsibility through her grandmother and that a portion of the profits go towards rainforest conservation through a philanthropic exchange between the US and Brazil. WOW. Not only are they creating great products but they are great people as well, SOLD!

Teadora carries products for your body ranging from cleansers to muds, to creams and scrubs.
They also include a lip line with nourishing lip butters as well as a hair line with shampoos and conditioners.

The Illuminance Sea Salt Scrub//$36

I really enjoyed this scrub. It definitely wasn't as messy as Franks, that was something I really liked. The scrub definitely is a bit harsher in textureThis is due to the coarse sea salt and redamber clay. I was a bit worried that this would irritate my sensitive skin but it remained a light pink for only a minute after using.

Along with sea salt and redamber clay, the scrub also includes soothing ingredients such as, buriti oil, andiroba oil, maracuja oil, and copaiba (thats a mouthful!).

Lastly, the illuminance scrub includes 
"Youthspark" ingredients such as caffeine, lemon balm, and ginger that help firm and tighten the skin.
For additional information about these ingredients click here

How to Use
Massage the scrub over entire body and then rinse
Massage over entire body, wrap in a warm towel for 10-15 minutes then rinse. 
Teadora recommends using 2-3 times weekly

​The scent is floral with a hint of sage, yum!! I really did feel as if I was in the amazon, ha!


The scrubs are recommended for those who have drier, rougher, acne-prone skin. I really do not have any of these three things to an extent where a body scrub could really be beneficial, however, I tried the scrub on my heels.
After using the scrub my skin felt smooth.... really, really smooth. Including my rough heels. Since this scrub is so strong I have found that it does WONDERS for spray tans. I am very light skinned and sometimes sprays can set way too much into my hands. After scrubbing my hands with a loofa and the scrub they were completely revived. 

Overall, I would highly recommend this scrub to those that have rougher skin or frequently spray tan. 
My one and only complaint about the scrub is that if it is exposed to too much water it tends to melt quickly. I would assume this is due to the clay, so when using I just step aside away from water to apply. 
Nourishing shampoo/conditioner/bath&body oil//$10 ea.
I recieved the travel size trio that includes: the nourishing shampoo, nourishing conditioner, and nourishing bath & body oil. They each came in a 2oz. bottle which gave me about 3 uses (I have thick, long hair).
I found the bottles to be quite humorous because they each had a witty rainforest "how to use" section. On my shampoo it stated, "How to use. In a rainforest? Catch rainwater in a giant leaf and wet hair. Massage in conditioner and rinse. (No rainforest handy? Substitute a shower or sink for a leaf or rain)."
I loved this! It was humorous and stuck with the rainforest theme.

The Nourishing shampoo and conditioner set works to prolong hair color, reduce frizz, increase strength and moisture, and fight against split ends (yippee!).
The products include: acai, Andiroba, Cupuacu, Pitanga, and Buriti.

After finishing the travel sized bottles my hair felt a bit smoother. Since I was only able to get around 2-3 uses, I am curious to see how the products would effect my hair if I were to use them over a long period of time. Since they are all natural, I have a good feeling about them!
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Located in Georgetown, Jenny Hammon's showroom is filled with fun products and an outstanding staff. John has the opportunity to work with the company seasonally, and I finally had the pleasure of meeting the staff that John speaks so highly of. After visiting with the lovely women at Jenny Hammon's we ventured over to Via Tribunali (one of my favorite pizza joints) for happy hour. We ended our last day home in Bellevue visiting with good friends at World of Beer. 
Goodbye Bellevue we will miss you, it's back to Pullman we go!

Outfit details:

Eyewear: Ray Bans//Nordstrom
Top: Enjoli top//Brandy Melville
Collection Eighteen Shawl//Nordstrom Rack
Bottoms: (top images) Stripe Skirt//Nordstrom Rack
(bottom images) City Slick joggers//Simply Chic
Shoes: (top images) Dolce Vita booties//Zebra Club
(bottom images) Heeled sandal//Nordstrom Rack
<![CDATA[Thursday//OOTD]]>Mon, 17 Aug 2015 04:08:39 GMThttp://jordynnnoakland.weebly.com/blog/thursdayootd
We have had one beautiful, HOT summer here in Seattle. Today I was excited because it was a bit gloomier (I know, i'm crazy). Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the sun but having it be a bit chillier meant that I could rock my new shawl. Also, I was able to finally step out in my brand new dolce vita booties *jumps up and down*. 

I cannot wait to get back to school because I will have my camera again. These Iphone photos just aren't working out!


Eyewear: Ray Ban//Nordstrom 
Top: Free People//Nordstrom Rack
Skirt: American Apparel//American Apparel 
Belt & Necklace: Simply Chic//Simply Chic
Shoes: Dolce Vita//Zebra Club

<![CDATA[L'BRI//Pure and Natural]]>Sun, 16 Aug 2015 01:32:20 GMThttp://jordynnnoakland.weebly.com/blog/lbripure-and-natural PictureInterested in order/learning more about L'BRI? Click image.
The all natural skincare line, L'BRI, emerged after one of the the companies owners was involved in an industrial plant accident, leaving him with third degree burns. Brian and Linda Kaminski began using aloe to help ease some of Brian's pain and were amazed at how the product aided in his healing. Thus, the two set out to share their story and help others experience the healing properties aloe possesses.

L'BRI has six main categories on their website: skin care, anti-aging, sun care, health & wellness, and cosmetics. I was provided a sample of their 3-step regimen which includes a face cleanser, freshener, and lotion. Additionally, I received sample packets of L'BRI's face/body exfoliant, eye repair gel, facial masque, and facial peel. After using the product for a week (how long the samples last) my skin indeed felt softer and more smooth! 

This post will provide you all with directions on how to use each product, and my opinions on each one. It is also important to keep in mind that I was provided samples lasting one week thus I was not able to provide an in-depth review on how my skin visually changed. 

As I previously explained in my Frank review post (a bit more info on my skin type here), I have sensitive skin therefore I was sent the gentle 3-step regimen. I recieved my samples of L'BRI very quickly, this made me feel that the distributor, Lora, really valued my opinions, review, and feedback.

The samples arrived in a very cute, sheer, PINK bag making them easy to transport and store. The products themselves came in 2 oz. bottles (3-step regimen) and small sample packets(exfoliant, masque, peel, eye gel). I also recieved standard brochures that informed me of the products purpose/ingredients along with general company information. 

The companies main point is how powerful aloe vera is and how it can revitalize your skin. Aloe vera alone contains 75 nutrients, 20 essential minerals, 12 vitamins, 18 amino acids, and 200 active compounds (L'BRI). 


The 3-step regimen is your everyday face cleanser, freshener, and lotion. It is advised to use the products morning and night. 

Cleanser (Retails for $16.50//6 oz.)

The cleanser was creamy, scentless, and once applied acted almost like a lotion. I wasn't too crazy about the cleanser simply because I prefer ones that visibly show on the surface of my skin (I feel like it's actually cleaning when I can see it). However, I did enjoy that it was fragrance free and if paired with my clarisonic I would be able to take all of the makeup/grime off. 

The cleanser is aloe-based. 

Freshener (Retails for $16.50//6 oz.)

The freshener is a pink liquid that restores your skins pH balance while providing additional moisture. It is to be used twice daily after using the cleanser, scrub, masque, or peel. 

The freshener is alcohol free and contains these soothing ingredients: aloe vera, arnica, ginseng and chamomile (SOLD).  

I did not see an direct difference in my skin after using the freshener but it did feel clean and awake. 

Moisturizer (Retails for $23.95//4 oz.)

The gentle moisturizer was also fragrance free (yay!) and is applied after using the freshener. It contains aloe (shocking, right?), botanicals, deep sea plants, and vitamins. It fights against moisture and fine lines. 

When using the moisturizer I could definitely feel and see how moisturized my skin was. It did not feel tight, flaky, and was soft!

So... what's the verdict?

As far as the 3-step regimen goes, I am not sure how I truly feel about these products. My skin certainly did feel softer and moisturized but due to only using the product for a week I was not able to see a true difference in my skin. 

HOWEVER, I am certainly not against using this product and really love how natural the 3-step products are. For me, this is very important because we should only use skincare that is natural and aims to protect our skin and not destroy it. 

Also, when you first use skin rejuvenating products like this, all impurities will be brought to the surface (aka ZITS). I rarely break out and after a week of using L'BRI I did notice certain imperfections *cough *cough, zits (yikes) surfacing my skin. This made me see that the product was working.
The facial peel is a gel made with fruit enzymes from green papaya, pineapple and aloe vera. 
After applying a very thin layer and waiting around 30 seconds, you begin massaging your skin in a circular motion. This is when the magic happens. After rubbing for a less than a minute you will begin to see small brown/black beads being formed. THIS IS DEAD SKIN CELLS. 
Once finished, rinse with water and pat dry. Follow with the freshener. 

This product is also useful for people suffering from rosacea, sensitive and acne-prone skin. 

This product can also be used on feet, elbows, and hands (yippee!). 

Facial Peel (Retails at $38.95//2 oz.)


Thin layer of gel is applied, creates a shiny appearance.
It was hard to truly capture the facial peel process with pictures due to the gel/dead skin cell ""beads" not showing through pictures very well. I was able to capture the peels effects when used on my feet. 
Before using peel
After using peel
YIKES! Sorry you all had to see my scary feet, but the peel did wonders for my feet!! 

I absolutely loved this product and my skin felt smooth immediately after use.  I used the peel more on the upper portion of my feet and if I had done one more round on my heels they would have been 100% better. 

Facial Masque (Retails at $28.50//4 oz.)

The facial masque aims to tighten and tone your skin. It also speeds up the healing process of skin, reduces wrinkles/fine lines and decreases pore size. 
Facial masque and peel SHOULD NOT be used on the same day. Lora uses her masque on Sunday and Wednesday nights and the peel on Monday and Friday

Once the masque is applied you wait 15 minutes then rinse and follow with freshener. 
The masque was very interesting because I had never used one that went on clear and in a gel/liquid form. 
Scary, right?!
As you can see in the image above, the masque firmed up and was TIGHT. After about 6 minutes I was unable to move my face at all. Once I took the masque off I did have some redness (you can see this above as well) and my skin yet again felt very smooth. 

Face//Body Exfoliant (Retails at $17.50//4 oz.)

The exfoliant is creamy with small beads mixed throughout. It works to lift dead skin cells without scratching your skin. That is exactly what I liked about this product: it wasn't grainy or too harsh on my skin.

Rub the exfoliant in circular motions for a few moments, rinse with water, pay dry and follow with freshener.

Smooth n' Firm Eye Repair Gel (Retails at $38.95//2 oz.)

The eye gel comes in a green gel (aloe based) and is used twice daily. The gel works to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, dark circles, enhance collagen production and skin elasticity. Unfortunately, I was not able to use the gel long enough to really see any improvement around my eyes. 

HOWEVER, the gel can be used to de-puff eyes by allowing it to cool in the refrigerator. I was able to try this and the calming effects of aloe along with how cool the gel was did make a difference in my eyes; they appeared more awake. 

Final Thoughts

  • Easy to use//simple instructions
  • Quick delivery
  • All natural ingredients//aloe based
  • Smoother, softer skin
  • Peel did wonders for my skin
  • Fragrance free//no scents associated with products

  • Products are semi-expensive
  • Cleanser wasn't strong enough with removing makeup
  • Facial redness did appear
  • Peel, masque, eye gel and exfoliant came in "rip open" packets making them hard to reseal

I really enjoyed the L'BRI products that I was able to try. I believe that due to their ingredients the products all will have amazing benefits if used long enough. I unfortunately was only able to feel the immediate effects of my skin rather than the long-term effects. With that said, my skin did feel softer, more moisturized and cleaner. My favorite product is the peel and will definitely recommend this to others. 

If you have any additional questions please feel free to either contact me, or visit L'BRI's site
If you are interested in sampling before you buy or ordering any of these products please contact, Lora.

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The Anastasia contour palette is another beauty product that seems to have taken over the makeup world. For any of you using Instagram, i'm sure you have seen the 'before and after' posts of women contouring their faces and well it can be a bit.... shocking. After debating trying out this product I finally decided to give it a go to see what all the hype was about. I purchased the product at my local Ulta for $40.

So there I was, standing in my bathroom holding my foundation asking myself, "do I apply my foundation first? How the hell do I do this?" This was the first con that I found with the product: there are absolutely NO instructions. Thankfully Sephora provides a pretty helpful video on their website. Google is also really helpful!
ONLY foundation has been applied
About the palette: 
The kit comes in a six small eye shadow-like containers. The top three are the highlighting shades and the bottom three are the contouring shades. 

The palette comes in a light to medium kit as well as a medium to dark kit. I have very fair skin so I chose the light/medium kit. When contouring you are supposed to find a highlight shade that is two shades LIGHTER than your skin and for contouring a shade that is two shades DARKER.

The palette also comes in a cream version for a much more intense contouring experience but I chose to stick with the powder version. 
Brushes I used during the process (p.s. I REALLY need new ones)
Banana has been applied to eyes, nose, forehead, and chin

How to use the contour kit:

After applying my foundation and concealer, I grabbed my large shadow brush and gently swept the highlight color banana along the corners of my eyes as well as underneath my eyes and underneath my eyebrows. I made sure to tap the brush lightly against the back of my hand to get rid of any excess powder. 

After applying the banana highlight to my eyes I used the same brush and applied it to the bridge of my nose. 

Next, I used my large angled blush brush and applied banana to the center of my forehead as well as my chin. 

OK so I am pretty pale so the banana shade is pretty similar to my actual skin tone, however, I did notice a difference underneath my eyes. They appeared much brighter and more awake. 

So I will be honest, once I watched about 30 seconds of the sephora video I was really bored and figured I would get the hang of this kit by trial and error. 

Next, I used my square bronzing brush from my Hoola bronzer, took the color java and applied it just underneath my cheekbones in a sweeping motion. Using my eyeshadow brush I applied the color fawn to the sides of my nose up to the beginning of my eyebrows. 
lovely isn't it?
Yikes, that's aggressive! Don't worry, it's almost time to blend, blend, blend!

I then used my large angled blush brush and applied java in a sweeping motion along my cheeks leaving about half an inch (maybe less?) between my nose and cheek. Using the color fawn I blended it with the java to get rid of any harsh lines. 
After applying blush to my cheeks, I used my large powder brush to apply my setting powder. 

Today I steered away from the "natural" look and decided to go with a dark lip. After applying my eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick here is the final product. 
Once that was blended, I applied the color havana to my hairline but very gently (this color is STRONG, especially for my skin tone). I applied this color all the way down to my temples and then connecting it to my cheeks for a more natural glow. 
Once blended with the java and fawn, I applied havana ever so slightly to my jawbone as well as my neck so that I would avoid an harsh lines/uneven tones. 
Applying a darker color to your cheekbones and jawlines gives the appearance that they more defined and that the cheekbones are higher (according to society this makes you more attractive, lol). 

So, here's what I thought:

1). I really like the colors of the kit however, the highlighting colors didn't seem to make TOO much of a difference because my skin is so fair. I did however like that it brightened my eyes and looked really nice with my concealer. 

2). I really had no use for the vanilla or sand colors. I applied a little sand to my cheeks but my blush did more of a highlighting job than the sand did. Thus, I think that I really will only use the banana highlight shade.

3). I LOVE the fawn color as an everyday bronzer and wish that it came in a bigger container by itself. The color wasn't orange and was build-able so this is a great go to bronzer for a little glow. 

4). Havana is really aggressive on my skin tone since it is so light, however, once  fully blended I didn't mind how it looked. Overall, the contouring shades are really nice and can work on really any skin tone. 

5). I hate how small the containers are. If this were to be an everyday look for me I would run out very quickly and it is an expensive "habit" to keep up with. 

All in all, I do really like this kit because I will most likely only use it on occasion when I am going out therefore it will last me awhile. If you are someone who loves makeup and applies a good amount daily this may be a bit expensive. Also, if you are any lighter than I am the highlighting shades may not work at all. Was it worth the $40? I'm really not sure at this point. I am going to need to play around with it a bit more and give you all an update. 

Make up Information:

Nars sheer glow foundation in the shade Mont Blanc
Benefits Better Than Sex mascara 
Bobbi Brown cream eyeliner in shade jet black
Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow pomade in medium brown
Elf blush in shade Twinkle Pink
Mac studio fix pressed powder NC20
Elf HD lifting concealer in shade Fair
L'Oreal infallible lip liner in shade red/wine